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So you are impressed with our Online-Service? Then secure a 12 month subscription for optimum support on your chosen Programs:

Price (including VAT)
Word 59.90 EUR
Excel 59.90 EUR
PowerPoint 59.90 EUR
Outlook 59.90 EUR
Standard-Office * 159.90 EUR
Windows 69.90 EUR
Access 79.90 EUR
Project 79.90 EUR
Visio 69.90 EUR
OneDrive 29.90 EUR
Lotus Notes 89.90 EUR
Full Access ** 299.90 EUR

You receive 12 months access to the instructional videos and sample files.

You get round the clock support with our Online Help.

You can work with Online Courses for different abilities (every program is different)

Additionally, every two weeks you will receive our Special Topic with useful Tips and Tricks for daily work.

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*** contains  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
*** contains all displayed products


The Small Print

Subscription Range:
A subscription incorporates all the versions and course levels available for the product!

Subscription Term/Cancellation:
Your subscription ends automatically at the end of 12 months so cancellation is not necessary.

Subscription Extension:
An extension for a further year costs only 50% of the initial license fee.

Payment and Access:
On payment by the payment methods listed below the login data is sent to you immediately. On payment via normal bank transfer the login data is sent to you upon receipt of payment.

Use these payment methods
and start immediately!
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