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Introductory film
You want to know how our Online Service works? See our Introductory film.

Order and Log-in

Private User Orders
Go to the page Private User Orders and make your product selection. Then enter your personal information and order your subscription. You will automatically receive an order confirmation/invoice by E-Mail. Upon receipt of payment we will send you your access data and then you can log-in to our online service. If you pay with credit card, you will immediately receive your access data.
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Corporate Orders
Order your subscription either by telephone or with our Order Form. In either case you will receive an order confirmation/invoice from us. We shall immediately set-up your company access data and send you a notification by E-Mail, together with information to forward to your employees. Every employee can then request his personal access data from us which will be sent out promptly by email. Upon request we can set up all user accounts in advance and send the access data directly to your employees.
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After you receive your user data, you can Log-in. For this purpose you'll find a log-in section in the upper right hand corner on any LernFilme page. There you enter your username and password and confirm your entries via the log-in button. After successfully logging-in the subscribed products are available immediately.
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The login always gives a messages that a cookie should be saved. Please see the previous point.
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Forgotten Password
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Change Password

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Subscription Renewal
You do not have to remember to renew your subscription. Shortly before your subscription expires you will receive a request for payment via E-Mail from us. If this amount is timely paid your subscription will be extended for another year and you will receive an invoice by email from us automatically. If you decide not to pay the amount, your access to the online service will expire.
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Subscription Extension
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Product Changes
A product change within an ongoing annual subscription period is not possible. If you need access to further products, you must additionally subscribe to them.
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Your subscription ends automatically after 12 months. A cancellation is not required.
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Technical Questions

System requirements
What hardware do you need to use our online services? You need a simple PC with Internet connection (ISDN or DSL) and an attached device, for the sound reproduction (sound card and headphones or speakers).

What software do you need to use our online services? Currently there are two widespread and technologically completely different methods for playing videos on the Internet. Which method is best suited depends on the device used, the installed operating system and the selected browser. On PCs the Flash Player is still mostly used, while the HTML5 process is used on many new devices and especially on tablets. With HTML5 you only need a proper browser. With Flash you need a browser and the Adobe Flash Player.

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No Video, empty window
The film does not play? Depending on your device, the installed operating system and the browser you selected our server will automatically provide you videos for Flash Player or HTML5 method. Due to the many new devices and software updates, it is necessary in some cases to manually set the correct playback method. On this page you can switch between Flash and HTML5.

When playing back our videos does not work with HTML5, you need the Adobe Flash Player. If you want to download and install the free Flash Player from the Adobe website, please click here.

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Cannot install Flash Player
You are not able to install the Adobe Flash Player? Go to your administrator, to install the Flash Player for you or to get the necessary permission.

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Film Plays without Image
The image is not displayed when you play a video. This could be because of a network interruption that the film does not immediately play. Stop the video in such a case and start the film again.

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Errormessage "Reference invalid"
Especially in the sample files for Microsoft Excel, internal references are used to reference a specific table or range of cells. If you open the sample file directly after downloading in your browser's temporary memory store you receive a message, that the reference is not valid. Before working with the sample files, they must be saved in "My documents" or another folder you have created.
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Sample file cannot be opened
When you try to open a sample file, a message appears that our site is not one of the trusted Web sites. To add our site to the trusted sites, proceed as follows: Start your Internet Explorer and select "Internet Options" from the "Tools" menu. Open the tab "Security" in the dialog box. Select "Trusted sites" in the top menu box and click the button "Sites". First disable the option "For all sites in this zone server verification required (https:))". Then enter "" in the upper field and click on the "Add" button. Then confirm twice with "OK" to finish.
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Online Courses
If you want to become familiar with a particular program step by step, we offer online courses. Depending on the product, you will find groups of courses devised for different levels of knowledge. These online courses are didactic and each film is prepared to build one upon another. You can resume the course at any time and determine your own learning rhythm. With the Orange ticks on the right, you always know which films you have already seen.
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Working with the video instructions
When you have decided on a film, simply click the film title and. the desired film will play automatically in a new window. During play you can stop the film at any time using the playback bar, play from the beginning, or with the slider, wind forward and back. After you have viewed the film, close the window. While playing the film red and blue rings hover over every mouse click made. The blue rings mark a left click, while the Red rings indicate a right click.
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Using the sample files
For many films we offer sample files used in the films as download options. To understand the example shown in the film, first load the sample files onto your computer and then start the film.It is necessary to save the files before starting work in "My documents" folder or another folder you have created. If you do not want to use sample files, just immediately start the movie.
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Choose Video-Player:

To play our videos you can use either the HTML5 process or the Adobe Flash Player.

If a blank page is displayed when you call the video, first check out the set method:

If HTML5 does not work, please install the free Adobe Flash Player:

Adobe Flash Player installation

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