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With our Online-Service we offer a complete solution for optimal PC user support. A totally new method of support and learning aimed towards the day-to-day needs of users. The foundation of our System comprises three pillars of knowledge transfer:

With our Online Help we offer users on the spot support. This avoids time and cost intensive enquiries, and enables users to work independently and effectively.

With our Online Courses users can work with new programs or extend their knowledge at any time. The users decide when they want to learn, the content and pace.

The third important component is our regular Special Topic. In Special Topics we gather all the information regarding regularly used program functions and make it available to users via email. Users can therefore, without special effort, learn to use new program functions and continually build up their skills.

All three components of our System are based on a method of knowledge transfer, which brings an enormous advantage. We use Video instructions where every work step is shown and explained by experienced trainers. The contents can be transfered far more quickly and precisely than with other training media.

Our Online-Service combines the advantages of a classic seminar with E-Learning but is a lot more than a pure teaching instrument. The advantage for businesses is obvious. As opposed to the typical approach with face-to-face-instruction and helpdesk/support, it results in clearly lowered costs and an essentially wider and sustainable support for the users.

Our aim towards the day-to-day needs of users, together with the pure simplicity with which you can use our Online-Service, are the basis of the success and the high acceptance of our System.

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Up-to-date Support with many Advantages:

Immediate support at any time
Management and staff value work tools that are always available and enable quick results.

Effective and up-to-date help for every experience level
Whether beginner, advanced or expert user - there is something for everyone in our video pool. To remain so we continually update our video pool.

Intuitive and User Friendly Learning
It is possible to use our Videos like a recorder, starting and stopping, winding forwards and backwards, as often as required. The goal will always be reached!

Flexible Use
It is possible to use our Service as immediate Online Help, for self-study at home and for company internal training.

Excellent Value for Money
We offer an attractive business package allowing you to use our Online-Service througout the company without massive expense. More..

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Whoever gives up trying to be better,
has given up being good.

Philipp Rosenthal
Businessman and Politician (1917 - 2001)

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