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Security In the Internet - Dangers in the Internet

The internet is a vital part of our daily lives. It makes so many things so much easier, be it online banking, shopping or looking up information. However, the internet can only be controlled to a certain extent. Beside many trustworthy websites and services, the internet bears a great number of criminal offers. At the launch of our "Internet Security" series we would like to familiarize you with the different risks and threats.

Published on: 19.09.2017

Internet Security

Dangers in the Internet  
In this video we want to make you aware of possible threats from the internet due to malware, such as viruses, worms and trojan horses. Additionally you will learn how to avoid identity theft, phishing attacks and spyware. (8 Min.)

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19.10.2021: Create your own tabs in the Office programs

05.10.2021: Data visualization with 3D maps in Excel

07.09.2021: The OneDrive app for iOS and Android

24.08.2021: Grouping objects in PowerPoint

10.08.2021: Special paragraph formatting in Word

13.07.2021: Set up recurring tasks in Project

15.06.2021: Easy navigation with Hyperlinks in Excel

18.05.2021: Access frequently used files and folders in Windows

20.04.2021: Test the timing of your PowerPoint presentation in advance

06.04.2021: Sharing documents with OneDrive

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23.02.2021: Creating Macros in Word

09.02.2021: Highlighting critical tasks in Project

26.01.2021: Documenting Access databases

12.01.2021: Using Formula Auditing in Excel

01.12.2020: Setting up multiple e-mail accounts in Outlook

17.11.2020: Save searches under Windows

06.10.2020: Creating Custom Shows in PowerPoint

22.09.2020: Field Functions in Word

25.08.2020: Recover deleted files in OneDrive

11.08.2020: Use comments in Excel

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28.07.2020: Show calendar weeks and integrate holidays in Outlook

14.07.2020: Validation rules in Access

16.06.2020: Creating your own libraries with Windows

02.06.2020: Connect PowerPoint objects with lines

19.05.2020: Adding line numbers in Word

05.05.2020: Generate random numbers in Excel

21.04.2020: Smart lookup in the Office programs

07.04.2020: Forward several e-mails simultaneously

24.03.2020: Introduction to the Cloud

25.02.2020: Pausing PowerPoint presentations

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11.02.2020: Personalize Windows 10

28.01.2020: Grouping and Sorting Reports in Access

14.01.2020: Using bookmarks in Word

17.12.2019: Using Progress Lines and Status Date in Project

03.12.2019: Using Custom Lists in Excel

19.11.2019: Shared editing of documents

05.11.2019: Using Metadata in Windows

22.10.2019: Creating Flowcharts in Visio

24.09.2019: Flagging items in Outlook

10.09.2019: Using themes in PowerPoint

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13.08.2019: Show Object Dependencies in Access

16.07.2019: Move and copy text sections quickly in Word

18.06.2019: Using the Conversation View in Outlook

04.06.2019: Using the Task Inspector in Project

21.05.2019: Compressing and Extracting Files with Windows

07.05.2019: Using the laser pointer in PowerPoint

09.04.2019: Create and compare scenarios in Excel

12.03.2019: Using categories in Outlook

15.01.2019: Create animations in Power Point

11.12.2018: Create the Resource Type Costs in Project

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27.11.2018: Find and replace words in Word

13.11.2018: Working with Sparklines in Excel

16.10.2018: Create queries with calculated fields in Access

02.10.2018: Formatting the Background in PowerPoint

04.09.2018: Provide files with Writing Protection

21.08.2018: Create your own keyboard shortcuts in Word

24.07.2018: Use conditional formatting in Excel

10.07.2018: Create Timeline in Visio

26.06.2018: The Out of Office Assistant in Outlook

15.05.2018: Define overtime in Project

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17.04.2018: Create and use Quicksteps in Outlook

03.04.2018: Working with the Thesaurus

20.03.2018: Removing duplicates in Excel

06.03.2018: Mark documents as private in Lotus Notes

20.02.2018: The shortcut CTRL+ALT+DELETE

06.02.2018: Exclusive Mode in Access

23.01.2018: Using comments in PowerPoint

09.01.2018: PC-Security - Parental Control

01.11.2017: PC Security - Secure behavior in the Internet

04.10.2017: PC Security - Correct computer protection

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19.09.2017: Security In the Internet - Dangers in the Internet

22.08.2017: Add multiple contacts for one company with Outlook

08.08.2017: Create milestones in Project

25.07.2017: Selecting cell content with Excel

11.07.2017: Plan websites with Visio

27.06.2017: Translate texts with Word

30.05.2017: Assigning and Accepting Tasks with Outlook

16.05.2017: Use jump lists in Windows

02.05.2017: Record screen content with PowerPoint

18.04.2017: Printing in Excel

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04.04.2017: Find available times for meetings with Lotus Notes

21.03.2017: Use Watermarks in Word

07.03.2017: Send Cloud documents as an attachment in Outlook

07.02.2017: Novelties Visio 2016

24.01.2017: New features Project 2016

10.01.2017: New features Access 2016

13.12.2016: Use spelling check in Word

29.11.2016: Creating and Adjusting Organization Charts in PowerPoint

15.11.2016: Calculating across various files

01.11.2016: Adjusting the Reading Pane in Outlook

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18.10.2016: Working with columns in Word

04.10.2016: Creating Hyperlinks on PowerPoint slides

20.09.2016: Working with Workspaces in Excel

06.09.2016: Message Options in Outlook

23.08.2016: Creating a Table of Figures in Word

09.08.2016: Match the tab order in Microsoft Access

26.07.2016: Aligning objects in PowerPoint

12.07.2016: Visualizing Trends in Excel Workbooks

28.06.2016: Creating Signatures in Outlook

14.06.2016: Using non-breaking space and hyphens in Word

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31.05.2016: Creating Queries in Access

17.05.2016: Using the AutoFill feature in Excel

03.05.2016: Novelties PowerPoint 2016

19.04.2016: Novelties Outlook 2016

05.04.2016: Protecting Word Documents

08.03.2016: Create Shortcuts in Outlook

23.02.2016: Novelties in Word 2016

09.02.2016: Using several slide masters in PowerPoint

26.01.2016: Novelties in Excel 2016

12.01.2016: Using tabstops with leaders

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15.12.2015: The Out of Office Assistant in Outlook

01.12.2015: Calculating roots and exponents in Excel

17.11.2015: Nominating a replacement

03.11.2015: Tracking Changes in Word

20.10.2015: Headers and Footers in Power Point

06.10.2015: Precision and displaying figures in Access

22.09.2015: Conditional Formatting in Excel

25.08.2015: Working with Tables of Contents in Word

11.08.2015: PowerPoint slides display and hide

28.07.2015: Relative and Absolute Addressing in Excel

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30.06.2015: Using Favorite Links in Windows

02.06.2015: Mail Merge in Word

19.05.2015: Aggregate functions in Access

05.05.2015: Forward multiple emails simultaneously

21.04.2015: Open files in Windows 8

07.04.2015: Using Comments in Excel

24.03.2015: Use Hyperlinks in Word documents

10.03.2015: Record notes on Handouts in PowerPoint

24.02.2015: Validity Check in Access

10.02.2015: Record Birthdays with Outlook

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27.01.2015: Efficient Calculation with the Matrix Operation in Excel

13.01.2015: Working with Sections in Word

16.12.2014: Organizing the Start Screen of Windows 8

02.12.2014: Create reports in Access

18.11.2014: Pausing PowerPoint presentations

04.11.2014: Create contact groups in Outlook

21.10.2014: The expression builder in Access

07.10.2014: Grouping worksheets in Excel

23.09.2014: Setting and adjusting the line spacing in Word documents

09.09.2014: PC Security - Secure behavior in the Internet

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26.08.2014: Connect objects in PowerPoint

12.08.2014: PC Security - MBSA Security Check

29.07.2014: Manage your appointments in Outlook

15.07.2014: PC Security - Correct computer protection

01.07.2014: Find and replace values in Excel

17.06.2014: PC Security - Dangers in the Internet

03.06.2014: Use Bookmarks in Word

20.05.2014: Find duplicates in Access databases

06.05.2014: Create PowerPoint Presentations successfully

22.04.2014: Using categories in Outlook

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08.04.2014: Using the command VLOOKUP in Excel

25.03.2014: Working with Tabs in Word

11.03.2014: Clearing Resource Conflicts in MS Project

25.02.2014: Create tasks in Outlook

11.02.2014: Show Object Dependencies in Access

28.01.2014: Create animations in Power Point

14.01.2014: Select elements in Windows more efficiently

10.12.2013: Working with the Subtotal function in Excel

26.11.2013: Find elements quickly - The Search Function in Word

12.11.2013: Creating Email Templates in Outlook

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15.10.2013: Grouping objects in PowerPoint

01.10.2013: Easy navigation with Hyperlinks in Excel

17.09.2013: Working with headers and footers in Word

03.09.2013: Customizing the Startmenu in Windows

20.08.2013: PivotCharts in Access

06.08.2013: Creating and adjusting views in Outlook

23.07.2013: Avoid incorrect entries Validating data in Excel

09.07.2013: Using Slide Masters in PowerPoint

25.06.2013: Creating a calendar with Visio

11.06.2013: Planning meetings in Outlook

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28.05.2013: Field Functions in Word

14.05.2013: Calculating the resource Material in Project

30.04.2013: Filter and Sort Data in Excel

16.04.2013: Create custom shapes in PowerPoint

19.03.2013: Customize Outlook by using the Outlook options

05.03.2013: Working with Team Rooms in Lotus Notes

19.02.2013: Creating Folding and Hole Punch Lines in Word

05.02.2013: Detect, delete and hide duplicates in Access

22.01.2013: Create and use range names in Excel

08.01.2013: Test the timing of your PowerPoint presentation in advance

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11.12.2012: Conditional formatting in Outlook

27.11.2012: Protect your documents with passwords

13.11.2012: Customize your Windows user interface

30.10.2012: Create and Compare Scenarios in Excel

16.10.2012: Planning meetings in Lotus Notes

02.10.2012: Creating Network Diagrams in Visio

18.09.2012: Creating and Adjusting Organization Charts in PowerPoint

04.09.2012: Your virtual mail manager - Using Rules in Outlook

21.08.2012: Grouping and Sorting Reports in Access

07.08.2012: Creating visual reports in Project

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24.07.2012: Working with large tables

10.07.2012: Libraries in Windows 7

26.06.2012: Creating Custom Shows in PowerPoint

12.06.2012: Using well-known commands in Outlook 2010

29.05.2012: Working with Text Boxes in Word

15.05.2012: Pivot charts in Visio

02.05.2012: Novelties in Access 2010

17.04.2012: Working with Sparklines in Excel

03.04.2012: Novelties in Outlook 2010

20.03.2012: Create a Baseline in MS Project

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06.03.2012: Novelties in Word 2010

21.02.2012: Creating Screenshots with the Snipping Tool

07.02.2012: Novelties in PowerPoint 2010

24.01.2012: Your virtual mail manager - Using Rules in Lotus Notes

10.01.2012: Using Contact Groups in Outlook

13.12.2011: Converting rows into columns in Excel

29.11.2011: Comparing documents in Word

15.11.2011: Aligning objects in PowerPoint

01.11.2011: Arranging pictures in Text

18.10.2011: Conditional formatting in Access

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04.10.2011: Delegating Tasks in Lotus Notes

20.09.2011: Using the Office-Clipboard

06.09.2011: Rounding numbers with Excel

23.08.2011: Creating Flowcharts in Visio

09.08.2011: Create appealing forms in PowerPoint

26.07.2011: Open files with a specific program

28.06.2011: Removing duplicates in Excel

14.06.2011: Pausing slide shows

31.05.2011: Match the tab order in Microsoft Access

17.05.2011: Clever use of the Autocorrect-Function

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03.05.2011: Show calendar weeks and integrate holidays in Outlook

19.04.2011: Using line breaks in Excel

05.04.2011: Novelties Visio 2010

22.03.2011: Safe surfing

08.03.2011: Project 2010 Novelties

22.02.2011: Show hidden files in Windows

08.02.2011: Using non-breaking space and hyphens

25.01.2011: How to prepare a successful presentation

11.01.2011: Using Autoforms in Access

14.12.2010: Adjusting the Reading Pane in Outlook

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30.11.2010: Saving a PowerPoint Presentation on a CD

16.11.2010: Find and replace words in Word

02.11.2010: Calculating across various files

19.10.2010: Create and print labels in Word

05.10.2010: Using favorites in Windows

21.09.2010: Creating queries with calculated fields in Access

07.09.2010: Sensitive Data in Word Documents

24.08.2010: Inserting Hyperlinks in PowerPoint Presentations

10.08.2010: Using Workspaces in Excel

27.07.2010: Create a Photo Album in PowerPoint

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12.07.2010: Create a Calendar in Word



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