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Adjusting shares (OneDrive) 2 Min.
In this video you will see how you can check, adjust and remove OneDrive shares.
Create a share link (OneDrive) 2 Min.
You want to publish a document on the intranet or publish it via a group mailing? Use a share link for this.
Delete and restore 2 Min.
Understand what happens when you delete files on OneDrive and learn how you proceed to recover deleted files.
OneDrive app for iOS and Android 2 Min.
This movie shows you how to use the OneDrive app to sync your mobile device with OneDrive and access files in cloud storage.
OneDrive desktop application 3 Min.
In this film you see how to work with OneDrive in Windows Explorer.
OneDrive web interface 4 Min.
Learn how to use the OneDrive web application in your browser to access your cloud storage from any device.
Share documents (OneDrive) 4 Min.
This video shows you how to share a document stored in OneDrive with other people.
Sharing options (OneDrive) 2 Min.
OneDrive offers different options for document sharing. In this film we will explain how they work and what they are used for.
Synchronization 7 Min.
In this film you see how OneDrive synchronization works and what options you have to control the availability of files on your devices.
Upload files to OneDrive 2 Min.
This movie shows how to move local files to OneDrive and what to keep in mind when dealing with files stored in the network.
What is cloud storage 3 Min.
Learn what the advantages of cloud storage are, which areas of usage are available and which mechanisms are involved.
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